14 040 руб.


  • Бренды: Stalwall
  • Сертификация Внешнего тестирования: CE,FCC
  • Тип: внутренний
  • Напряжение: 12В
  • Вес продукта: 0,2900 кг
  • Вес упаковки: 4,2000 кг
  • Размер продукта (Д х Ш х В): 20,00 х 21,00 х 5,00 см / 7,87 х 8,27 х 1,97 дюйма
  • Размер упаковки (Д х Ш х В): 29,00 х 29,00 х 27,00 см / 11,42 х 11,42 х 10,63 дюйма
  • Комплектация: 1 x 8-канальный видеорегистратор, 4 x 3000TVL водонепроницаемая ИК-камера безопасности, 4 x 60-футовый видеокабель для камеры безопасности, 1 x кабель разветвителя питания для камеры, 1 x USB-мышь для DVR, 1 x блок питания для DVR (вилка ЕС ), 1 х блок питания для камер (ЕС вилка), 1 х английское руководство пользователя, 1 х CD программного обеспечения


Комплект HD DVR Stalwall для моделирования поддерживает 8 каналов и разрешение 1080P 1080N. Этот комплект безопасности поставляется с 4 камерами и оснащен 18,3-метровым удлинителем видео для связи с домом, офисом, супермаркетом, складом и другими местами масштабного мониторинга. После подключения...

Отзывы пользователей

I purchased this due to price and specs, it was the same as my original. Was surprised about the quality of the picture/video output. I think it is the same if not better than what I got before or just it was me comparing the one that went bad. Good picture and I like that the cameras are black, they don't stand out too much. Pretty easy to install. What I recommend is that keep a spare cameras because you'll never know when the ones you are using will stop working. This one works just fine as the original at a lower cost.
Great price and most importantly it works as advertised. I bought 4. All worked perfectly right out of the box. Good and clear color visibility in the day, not bad visibility at night. That's all I need. For the price, really hard to beat. The video does not lose any fidelity in all of those transfers. Cameras are plastic. Not sure how well they hold up over time, only time will tell, but right off the bat -fantastic! I'd buy again!
Can't be too safe these days with everything that's going on and this camera was a nice addition to our current system. I connected them to a DVR, and from DVR to cloud over the Internet. I can get immediate video from the VCR to USB, and a couple hours back (for pennies). Night vision is great and the picture looks good on our monitor. You cannot beat the price will definitely look for this product again when we need!

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